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Shell constructionConcreteRehabilitation

Cast in place

Concrete walls and / or supports are made with ready mix concrete and steel reinforcements placed into removable forms that are erected on site. Advantages:

  • Sound blocking
  • Disaster resistant
  • Stronger walls
  • Mold, rot, mildew and insect resistant


  • Concrete foundations
  • Slab on grade
  • Concrete tie beams
  • Flat work, e.g. driveways,
    walkways & patios.
  • Masonry block walls
  • Reinforcing steel
  • Other formed concrete elements

Restoration of structural integrity

  • Exterior renovation on concrete restoration, stucco restoration.
  • Installation of new window and railing systems.
  • Waterproofing and painting.


AG provides construction of structural steel fabrication and erection, in addition to miscellaneous steel on many projects.


Litigation Support

  • As we know that companies do their best in their performance, there are occasions where an issue leads to arbitration, litigation or mediation. That’s when we come available to provide litigation support and expert reporting and testimony.
  • Because construction claims involve technical and difficult issues, expert personnel is an important part on the litigation or mediation phase.

Forensic Investigations & Analysis

Determine the extent & nature of a system’s failure & the probable cause.

Structural Repair & Remediationi Study

Venitonial Forming
  • Foundations
  • Reinforced concrete decks
  • Post-tension
  • Two way flat plate
  • Load bearing masonry structures, columns, beams, precast planks, Hambro and more.
Tunnel Form Systems
  • It provides the construction site with assembly-line efficiencies.
  • Casts the walls and slabs at the same time.
  • It speeds up completion time and cut costs.

Construction divisions.

AG’s Construction Divisions self perform a diverse range of construction services. Our team of professionals has the necessary experience to meet the individual requirements of a wide variety of projects and construction methods.

AG uses the latest in construction technologies, from laser grade GPS equipment to GPS site surveying to provide all phases of site development services that are required by modern, residential, commercial, industrial and municipal users.

Concrete and MASONRY

AG’s Concrete Division has the capability to perform structural and architectural concrete work and has successfully delivered top quality services that exceed our client’s expectations.
  • Structural Concrete Work
  • Foundations
  • Mansory
  • Re-bar Placement, Forming,
  • Placing and Finishin

Structural steel

AG provides construction of structural steel fabrication and erection, in addition to miscellaneous steel on many projects.

Industries we work for.